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Thursday, 21 January 2010

kami dah besar!


hari ni 21 hb kalau terbalikkan jdla 12...(xde kaitan pn..hehe tp bole la eh guys??) and 12 januari nilah tarikh aku and kwn2 mendaftarkan diri kat Sekolah Sains Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Pekan (SHAH Pekan)...12 jan 2002..unofficial name batch ktorg Octavo 0206...!

oklah...ak sebenanye bkn saje pilih tarikh 21 jan ni tok wat post ni...mcm konon2 nak wat 'special date' tp tadi time ak berbalas2 pantun sempena 'kejohanan pantun 5jasa 0206' tetibe terasa cam nk tulis sumthing kat blog ni psal 5jasa...check2 tarikh cam kebetulan je its kind this year most of us will be 21!! of cz except those naughty Nadhira, Munir, Ice, Dell, Pior and Belle...(and kama si perasan mude!! haha..!!)

sekitar kejohanan pantun


persaingan sengit antara dell n t-pong


Amin Hafis Irazal
kejuruteraan mekatronik

Muniruddin Omar

Shamill Shamsul Ismail

Fadzil Isnin

Azran Asmar Azizi
Uni Tun Hussien Onn

Amirrudin Said
Uni of South Australia

Khairul Anwar Ibrahim
Mechanical Engineering

Nasiruddin Nordin

Syafwan Saidi
Mechanical Engineering

Izwan Aziz
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Sheikh Mohd Faiz Sheikh Omar

Khairul Amri Bukhari
Penn State US

Nurlaili Nadia Masudi

Nuraisyahira Ab. Hadi
Chemical Engineering

Siti Aidah Matori
Polytechnic PD

Raja Nur Aimi Raja Ibrahim

Farhana Syazwani Mohsin

Atikah Dawam
Uni of Illinois Urbana Champaign US
Acturial science

Sarah 'Atifah Saruchi
Nagoya University Japan
Mechanical and Aeronatics Engineering

Dalillah Abd Rahman
Chemical Engineering

Atiqah Annuar

Nur Nadia Syazana Dato' Sallehuddin

Aziemah Rozi

Nur Zarifah Zainal Abidin

Sahidatul Hidayah Fauzi

Azila Abd Hamid
Kolej Negeri Seremban

Fatihah Wadhihah 

Amalina Abd Rafid
IP Melaka

Siti Nadhira Ahmad Khairudin
Nabila Farhana Abd Khalil
Mechanical Engineering

Sedar tak sedar dah dekat 4 tahun kite tinggal kan me those 5 Years of SHAH was one of my most memorable and i am so thankful to have it..without it i wouldn't think i'll be here now..
to all ex 5Jasa 0206, where ever u guys are now, semoga sentiase selamat..panjang umur kite jumpe lagi!

a confession

I'm not lazy but I love doing nothing


are u gay?!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sunday, 17 January 2010

i hate this

  • anonymous: i like your accent, where are you from?
  • my friend: ohh thanks. i'm from Malaysia
  • anonymous: ohh, is that the country that burn churches?
  • haih...kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga.

p/s this is re-blog  from a friend's blog (opps tumblr..)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


..Men are like bank accounts. Without a lot of money they don't generate a lot of interest...

think about that males out there

till then

Thursday, 7 January 2010

tak kenal maka tak cinta

BA Accounting and Finance
Durham University Business School

a bit about the course

based on my experience now doing this course, i can say that it is a diverse course where it is not only about reading and not only about calculation solely, accounting and finance compromises both reading and calculation skills. student must be able to understand the nature of economy and be willing to read about current economic issues. apart from that this course is not just about adding, subtracting and times or divide, but you will find calculus and many applications of statistic. for the 1st yr i need to study accounting (financial+management accounting), economics (micro+marco+economics equations), quantitative method for finance (where u'll find all those maths and formulas), finance, management and entrepreneurship. while in 2nd yr, one of my subject will be financial engineering apart from going deeper on accounting related subjects like auditing, not forgetting i'll be doing business law too. and 3rd yr i will find econometrics. so to me this course is kinda interesting because i can have a bit of engineering, law and economics, apart from my core which is accounting and finance! and the best is you'll get exemption for certain papers when you want to do charted either with ICAEW or ACCA.


well i can say that you need to be willing to have plenty of exercises on subjects like math and accounting as to familiarize yourself with the formulas and accounting standard and format. finance is most likely to be the hardest to me as i am weak in maths. while some people find it hard to cope with economics and management due to alot of reading and memorizing. apart from that you might need to have communication skills (soft skills aswell) as the projects carried out will need you to sometimes interview the bankers or managers. as you are doing a course which will lead you to become a manager or banker unis will usually expect you to talk and assess you thru so many many presentations either solo or group, but this is when the fun came in, as you can meet new people and ask about their real experience rather than just reading it on books. you will also be forced to express your ideas and work out solution for your mock business. usually the research projects must be based on real businesses and people. you will need to have interest in business related issues like bonds, insurance, tax and etc. you will need to at least be up to date with the current inflation rate or tax rate. assessment will be both in long essay form and math like calculations. u might as well find multiple choice questions. for management and economics you will not get high mark for just memorizing the whole text book but you need to include real world situation in your essay, while math and finance you will score with enough exercises.
another thing about doing this course in UK, most university will only have one exam per year (final) which means if you screw up, bye2! and to pass the yr you need to pass all your papers, if failed, you repeat the whole year again doing all the subjects back even you failed only one!

accountant, banker, managers (HR, financial, management), insurance companies, financial consultant, broker for shares, bonds etc. lecturer, teacher.

subject SPM

modern math
additional math
principle of accounting
principle of economic

for scholarship
if you are frm science stream they might want to see physics as well.

if you are good with maths it will help you so much. and science stream student you'll make a great accounting and finance student...and don't worry about having no basic in accounting and economics. most of my friends here came from science background.

p/s hosp needs doc while factory needs engineer but both need accountants! 

Monday, 4 January 2010

lo siento

lately, ive been so slow and lazy to update this blog eventho ive been thru so many exciting stuffs. maybe after few more days, this blog will be 'replenish' with something new!

till then 

p/s school will start on the 17th jan!!