the shopaholics

Saturday, 29 January 2011

after awhile

a month flies just like that..! and i am still hopeless in many of my modules

however, there is one thing that i have to admit made my day..those people who visit my is just a good feeling, when u see that at least there is still someone who drops by this electronic voice of mine. for that i am so grateful! 


i have to admit that i am kind of busy with assignments and tutorials and as much as i want to write more on here, i just cant seem to find any good topic to write about.. i am actually kind of bored writing about my boring life..

well how interesting it can be a life of a student, well i believe many of u all will have the same routine as i dont really see the point of sharing those thoughts.. 

hmm.. i think i am going to far on this babble and i should stop any minute now..

lastly what do u guys have in mind? about the coming CNY? how might u celebrate it? feel free to share..would love to read it..

till then..takecare peeps!!

Friday, 28 January 2011

aku single aku ok

aku tak sangka, isu aku solo ibarat suatu masalah besar dikalangan kawan-kawan disekeliling aku

kalau korg tak selesa berkawan dengan aku, maka jangan

bukan aku tak cuba atau tak nak



Saturday, 1 January 2011

hello 2011

some might assume i am writing here tonight to tell everyone what are my resolutions, 'azam baru' what ever u called it, but i am not.. i hope i didnt break anybody's expectation...

for fact i never had any 'azam baru' because i am bad at keeping promise to myself.. (but not to another person of course! i'll try my best to keep it..inshaAllah)


the main reason i didn't want to make any new year's resolution  because there are too much to do and i just don't want to focus on any particular one, i like to grab any possible things i can along the way, cz life is a mystery and u can't really plan ur life cz u don't even know how long u'll live and to me no expectation means no hurt feeling..

some might say "grow up" or "you need a resolution as it will be a plan to work your life"

yes yes i know...

but i like to believe and strongly believe Allah has EVERYTHING planned for me..just go with the flow and i will try my best to follow his pure religion (well this might sound like an 'azam' but i like to called it my obligation...not something i can renew every new year..haha

enough said, i might sound ridiculous now.. well this is purely on my dry thought and who am i don't take my word or be angry..
and lastly i really like to Thank Allah for the loves and mercies He gave on me throughout these years..and actually with His will i can enter 2011...

seronok dapat skype dengan member2 semua walaupun jauh..thanks skype beta 5.0