the shopaholics

Saturday, 17 April 2010


ahh..just came back from the south..!

~all the best kepada kami yang akan exam xlama lagi~

izzu-15 may
aku-17 may
iman-1 june (ni lame lg actually)

hopefully i can smile like that after d exam! 

Sunday, 4 April 2010


just filling my free time..freela sangat...FYI  i have like so much to read..but since faiz halim told me to edit this picture, so here it is..i dont hope people to like it tho..=p


behind this picture there are so many memories for me and it wasn't intentionally taken to act in any such of this is kind of natural..haha..well, we are now in separate places..even in separate continents..(actually sadiq n chang did not) hehe..

well, chang and sadiq are now in Colorado School of Mines, US..while hafie in IIUM gombak..sonia is in Edinburgh, Scotland..long, bib and myself are in England, i'm at the northern@Durham, bib is in the middle@Warwick and long is at the southern@LSE..

lets pray, despite whatever that might happen we will always be safe and will remember this time
-tingkatan 6 atas!-

[dont let the memories turn into oblivion]


should i continue this feeling or should i just stop and throw it far away..

very far that i could never ever feel it again..

[convention dictates-?]

urgghh..i hate this post