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Friday, 10 December 2010

last friday before the term ends

don't u just love it? spending ur Friday doing amazing subject! that is Business law of course! ^^


finger crossed for my interview next Wednesday! May God help me through smoothly!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

guys become naughty when they're rich

girls become rich when they're naughty

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

follow me on twitter

a good friend asked me to set up an account, and several time when asked whether i own a Twitter account and obviously the answer is no, they asked me


with this shocking-tone of that fact.

now let me ask, 'why not?'
btw just sharing; these are people i work with this year! they're cool ppl!

Dumas execs 2010/2011

p/s facebook pn cukuplah..

Friday, 12 November 2010


  • corporate finance: presentation and report
  • business law
  • auditing and assurance 
  • shit! i forgot what the last one is...
dateline: first week of December

first week of dec is like 3 weeks time and yes i think that is still long to go...

[i should really change my last minute habit]

p/s sy menyokong penuh pembinaan menara 100 tingkat...better la from sending another angkasawan or buying jets and submarines..
i'm just saying.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Saturday, 30 October 2010

as promised, PORTUGAL

and this is..

(for those money saver students, especially in Europe )

based on my 5 days trip there last september..

firstly to visit Portugal, Malaysian doesn't need Visa and that is brilliant!

alright, for me, i always check the prices of accommodation in the cities that i want to visit first before i book the flight. and i suggest student like us to save money by staying at hostel, its not too bad and some even give free breakfast. and u might find new friends too! for me i visit a certain city to visit their attractions rather to stay in my room, so spending the least on accommodation makes sense for me. in Portugal i spent around 10 pounds for each night and that is really cheap! but Wait! DON'T BOOK your accommodation yet..i know it might be exciting with all those pictures on the websites..


you'll need a flight to get u there of course and as the title says, i would suggest u to check flights from either Ryanair or Easy jet. depends on the promotions, etc. i bought mine like 2weeks lebih sket before the departure date and it cost me around 60pounds (return ticket). inclusive everything like tax and online charges.

alright, now book the accommodation that u have searched for.

next is the transportation to airport, i suggest u to book it earlier as it will always be cheaper and there are ranges of transportation to choose, my favourite is Easybus! cost me like 10 pounds for two way journey.

for this one make sure you allocate few hours extra especially the return time from airport to city center, as there might be delays in flight arrival so u don't want to miss your bus back to city center after your tiring flight back from your destination.!

alrite after all that, it seem like you got everything right??
hmm..i suggest that u go and check on the public transport in the city that u are going and how are u going to move from a city to another. based on my trip i booked an express bus from porto to lisboa, it took me like 4hours and if not mistaken by train its 3hours. and it only cost 32euro return and the train was 60 euro return.

one thing that is great i think about Porto and Lisbon is its public transport within the city..i suggest u to buy the day travel card(something like oyster) but way cheaper compared to London and much more comfortable yet as efficient!

in Porto, a day travel card cost 5 euro and u can use the metro, bus, train, electric tram, tram, cable car. and to all zones. the same goes to Lisbon but the price is 4.70 euro if i'm not mistaken, but not more than 5 euro that is for sure.

so all together, based on my trip, i spent:
(p/s rough estimation, cz i could not really remember the details)

bus to airport-10 pounds
transportation within Portugal-50 pounds
etc n souvenirs-30pounds


so what do u think?? was it a budget trip?? i think so..

p/s any questions? just leave a comment and pictures coming up soon...

Friday, 8 October 2010


finally after a busy week i can actually be in my room! fresher's week has nearly come to the end..phew!

can't blame them for all the noise cz its only normal to be like that and fresher's week doesnt come everyday sabar jela..haha..(let the juniors have all the fun before they really have to study)

okayh as promised, i want to update on my recent trip to Portugal..


the annoying blogspot or i dont know what, doesnt allow me to upload pictures!! post without picture is just not 'interactive' and obviously b.o.r.i.n.g

so till i get this problem sorted out, looks like u guys have to wait..


Saturday, 2 October 2010

i'm back!

it has been a great summer and its good to be back at uni!! looking forward to meeting with friends! and hopefully to get plenty more..

view from my room

i'm not a fresher anymore ok

Friday, 24 September 2010

selamat hari raya aidilfitri 2010

been A.G.E.S i left this blog without any new post..not because i was sick or anything, but i just DONT WANT TO..hahaha

just kidding...

tak ade internet lah..i was at London from 1st of  Sept and will be going back up north on the 28th..
before i missed the month of Syawal, nakla wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI to everyone who came across my blog..thanks for stopping by..

will be back to update on my trip to Porto and Lisbon , Portugal

till then, adios

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


if u use average marks of students to determine passing grade, there will always be a number of failure student. 

Unless everyone has the same mark.

i think its CRUEL and UNFAIR

i know its hard to get 100% pass but it doesn't mean you have to reserve failure 'seats' making failure likely compulsory every year.

"i can assure you at the end of this year there will be at least 2 or 3 of you who will not make it to next level" 

so much of being positive

p/s don't you agree 50 is a reasonable passing mark and used widely?

Monday, 16 August 2010

is it too early?

an amusing video i found on youtube, i'd like to share it with u guys..enjoy!

p/s the setting was in Durham, UK


today, i was woken up by a knock on the door...' ahh biarla mesti yus' i mumbled to myself, lazily grabbed my cozy duvet covering my face..

finally after, i don't know for how long, i woke up then washed up and zuhur..again i mumbled to myself 'ahh another day, bile la nak balik uni' huhu

like always after a long holiday i will miss my place of study, not saying that i love to study, not even close to liking it( me study is a mean of living..)but life has always been much more organized there and i like that.

puasa dah 5 days in the winmer(winter+summer) Newcastle, it could be as sunny as summer but yet as chilly as winter.! and Alhamdulillah till today it went without any snitch.

this year we are fasting in the month of august.. which is kind of awkward for me..haha..well cz umur pun baru setahun i cant recalled fasting in this month..well maybe cz i never did? or i was too young to remember.. my point here is that, i keep counting days to RAYA, something that i dont really fancy even in Malaysia but i look forward too.. 

but this year i think i will have the most quiet hari raya ever! well i deserve it cz i decided to stay..planning to celebrate it in London (sounds cool huh? or not?? NOT??) HAHA..

lastly i'd like to wish all of u readers, a blessed Ramadhan, i wish that we all going to be closer to Allah this year.

p/s don't u think Ramadhan has overshadowed Bulan kemerdekaan Malaysia?? just saying..
and guys am i being to personal?? feedback please..thanks!

Friday, 30 July 2010


Time is free but priceless,

you can spend as much Time u want but u can't keep any,

once u lose it u will never find it back again!

mati itu pasti

NUFC vs PSV eindhoven


frankly speaking i never been to any live sporting event, i mean the big ones.. of course ive been to school or district sporting event, but never to match between countries.. to cut it short i never been to a football match! not that i dont really bother about football but living in Malaysia somehow made me; not so into watching live football at the stadium. Lucky me coming to UK has given me the opportunity to buy cheaper tickets and while im here why not go watch some football matches..the vibe and crowd should be so much better compared to back home..hehehe

so right now im feeling a bit excited about tomorrow match between Newcastle United FC and PSV eindhoven. Although its only a friendly match, the tickets were nearly sold out! i can say that Newcastle 'ians are really in love with their local team and they must be really excited about next season of EPL as NUFC will be in the premier league! Well of course i will be supporting NUFC for tomorrow match..hehehe.. although im a big fan of Liverpool.

St James's Park Stadium Newcastle Upon Tyne

 -a friend told me that football will make a city alive, so i'm looking forward for tomorrow match to see whether the claim is true or not-

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

no title

its a sad world when u know at the end of the day u are actually alone facing everything.
even sadder when u thought u know what u knew but actually u knew nothing.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

new place-n.e.w.c.a.s.t.l.e

hi guys!

so today i moved out from my college in Stockton-on-tees to Newcastle. Newcastle is about an hour away from Stockton-on-tees... i'm writing this post cz i have nothing to do and i don't have anything specific to write too, i will just write what ever comes to my mind! just now i was reading my friend's blog coretan perantau long haffiz and i came across the issue of elimination of UPSR and PMR examinations. To be honest, i don't mind if MOE wants to eliminate PMR, however i think UPSR should be maintained. I don't really know whats the situation now in Malaysia, but seriously there's something wrong now. Recently JPA and MARA announced that they will stop sending student abroad and now in order to enter SBP, students have to sit for a specific paid-exam. so this leads to one conclusion, well it simply means that our government is running low on education fund. To be honest, i personally think that education is the most essential aspect in a society.. ok ok..lets not jump into conclusion straight away..the fees might be at a very minimal that it will not burden the students or the parents..(hopefully)..anyway i am trying to see this elimination as a positive change..well we'll been using UPSR and PMR for ages now.. i think it might be good for changes to take place..

..times keep moving and life keeps changing..

...................(gosh! my post tonight sounds so serious la).................

btw Newcastle is the home to the Newcastle United FC and this club will be in the coming season of EPL
and it is the biggest city in the North East of its a change of air for me, from kg to bandar..=D  

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


'may proceed to next level of the same programme'


this would mean
exam-free for the whole summer
my allowance will not be held
its just terrific!

credit to Daniella for the pic

-taken on 21st June 2010, the day i know i passed my 1st year of uni-


Sunday, 20 June 2010

u might think its the best, b.u.t

May/June is the exam season for Alevel and to my juniors i wish u all the very best and of course i hope u all make the grades..

i know right now, everytime in your Doa and solat hajat, u'll be asking for 'FLY' 
well i know cz i've been in your shoe..right now FLY seems to be the most important thing or achievement...but are we sure its the BEST for us??

some might say, i'm talking crap or bolehlah kau dah lepas...but seriously...only ALLAH knows what is best for what ever happen please be positive and just believe that its the best for order for u to know its the best for u, is by, instead of praying solely on 'i want to fly' try changing it to ' i want the best for me, and i hope its fly' 

alhamdulillah, i realized this a couple months before the exams..i realized, who are we to know or to have definite believe that what we want and think the best for us is actually the best..only GOD has the bigger picture as he knows everything. thus i changed my prayer to, 'i want the best! 

so whatever your result might be later on, u know that, it is the best for u so with that u can walk through with confidence and as long as u have tried your best and sincerely doa, then  trust me the result u get is the best for u.

and in life we always want the best..!

of being a year older

i am so T.H.A.N.K.F.U.L to GOD for giving me the life i have now, 

the friends and family who loves and cares about me.

the health that allows me to live my life,

the time i used to see places,

the experience i gained,

and most of all

i.m.a.n and i.s.l.a.m

these are the B.E.S.T birthday gifts and i am so thankful because i still have them.

  results dah nak kluar!!!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

1st paycheck in UK

here it is...

this paycheck was from my 'volunteer' work for queen campus open day..hey it was a good money..25 pound(after tax) for 5 hours of educating (i wouldn't really say educating but i couldn't find any proper word for it) people about the campus wasn't bad at all and i get free lunch too! hehehe...looking forward to work part time with the uni, HOPEFULLY next academic year..i hope i'll get the position..=p

oh! btw i've finished my exams today at 5pm..

taken straight after the last paper ended..=D

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

i felt the same way

i miss someone so much…

last week i went to visit my late mother’s grave. it’s been more than 2 years since the last time i was there at her funeral… the graveyard looked so different, so neat and organized now. even the position of all the graves have changed.

there was no one there, and it was one hot afternoon. i was all alone standing there in the middle of the graveyard, not knowing which way to go. i could not remember where my mom’s grave was, so i just walked towards where my heart told me to. and then i came to a stop. i prayed to Allah so that He will show me the way to my mom’s grave. i was almost frustrated until when i turned my head around. there it was, my mom’s grave just behind me.

there was a cement stool next to it, so that i could sit on it comfortably. i could not hold myself. i just burst out crying. i miss her so much. no one but my God knows how much i miss my mom. there i was sitting next to her grave, now a doctor, the person she wanted me to be. and yet she is not here to cherish this moment with me.

time flies by so fast… more than 2 years have gone by. if only mama was still here, i will be the happiest person on Earth. i want to tell her so much about my stories- about everything. i just miss my mom so much…


Saturday, 8 May 2010


sorry guys for the 'silence'.. as u can see in my earlier post, i'll be having my final exam this 17th been busy with studying..altho i have to say most of the time went not so productive..but at least now i am aware of many things...i was doing abit of entrepreneurship, browsing through my old notes and works, i noticed the dates..! 2009! i could not believe my 1st year will end in 2 weeks time!! gosh! time sure flies fast..! 

semalam..i got back my economics assignment..and it was so bad until aku terkedu diam seribu bahasa in the  class.. nasebla mat salleh sebelah aku tu dpt 38 ak tak dela rase soo bad.. but seriously if petronas know my marks sure kene potong allowance la..=/ 

this has made me to THINK.. emm camne nak wat economics ni? next year should i do my economics modules which gonna be like advance macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometric..?? 

or just stick with just my degree which is accounting finance..? 

next year i guess gonna be tough cz i'll be doing everythng yg new to me..mcm taxation, auditing, corporate finance...kalau drop all those econs modules..i have to do risk management and business law..if i were to do business law i'll get exemption for AC later on..

emm..i think thats enough for now..cukup2 la ak membebel ntah hape..

btw my dear friends..u guys are all so SWEET..bukan xnak balik la..cume nak experience summer..thanks tho for all those messages on FB..i am relieve to know masih ada yg nak aku balik malaysia..hehe..(statement ni sah kene attack nanti ni...=D)

after xam, i'll be sharing my experience touring around UK during my Easter vacation..

p/s all the best to all of my friends for the upcoming exams and particular zaza,aiman, faidhi, long, belle, nadira sb, sadiq, ezuan, chang, hilmi, faiz omar, faiz halim, iman, pau, bib, sonia, gwok, fandi, allan, fdhal and last but not least nabila sifyan and zaki..=p
updated (910pm)
pas baca blek entri, ak rase tak patut plak ak dedahkan markah member ak FYI my marks are lower than punyelah truk..smpai ak terkedu jap..

Saturday, 17 April 2010


ahh..just came back from the south..!

~all the best kepada kami yang akan exam xlama lagi~

izzu-15 may
aku-17 may
iman-1 june (ni lame lg actually)

hopefully i can smile like that after d exam! 

Sunday, 4 April 2010


just filling my free time..freela sangat...FYI  i have like so much to read..but since faiz halim told me to edit this picture, so here it is..i dont hope people to like it tho..=p


behind this picture there are so many memories for me and it wasn't intentionally taken to act in any such of this is kind of natural..haha..well, we are now in separate places..even in separate continents..(actually sadiq n chang did not) hehe..

well, chang and sadiq are now in Colorado School of Mines, US..while hafie in IIUM gombak..sonia is in Edinburgh, Scotland..long, bib and myself are in England, i'm at the northern@Durham, bib is in the middle@Warwick and long is at the southern@LSE..

lets pray, despite whatever that might happen we will always be safe and will remember this time
-tingkatan 6 atas!-

[dont let the memories turn into oblivion]


should i continue this feeling or should i just stop and throw it far away..

very far that i could never ever feel it again..

[convention dictates-?]

urgghh..i hate this post

Friday, 26 March 2010

jadilah seorang yang bersyukur

semoga aku sentiasa bersyukur

 credit to Asliza Ahmad for the video

be thankful
wishing doesn't solve anything

Thursday, 25 March 2010

easter plans!

6th april-8th april
(visiting zaki, long, chiehlung, joanna, tienhuey and miaoshan)

12th april-14th april
(visiting faiz, izzudin and nesha)

14th-16th april
(visiting my cousin, haziq and khairul)

i don't think these plans are excessive..not too long, not too short but just nice.right? so can i call it a 'UK trip'? hehe.. i think 'england trip' suits better..since im not going to wales and scotland..=p

so i hope this 'england trip'
 will go smoothly and will enjoy every moment of it!

[break ends on the 25th of april, which means less than a month to go b4 final!!!!]

Saturday, 20 March 2010

whats the plan huh?

"Durham Univ epiphany term ends today"

is this really true??!
cewah qama, trying to be innocent...
haha..well speaking about holidays, i will never forget..its like impossible for me too just say
'OMG its holiday already, someone wake me up'

instead i will be waking that someone up..!

but whats the plan?
beats me.! darn i have non..'this is not ur usual' -quoted from a friend
usually before every holidays start i will already have atleast A plan
what i meant by plan is like booked ticket to go somewhere,decided dates and all
but, now im still clueless.. em cant even decide a date...

and its pretty sad to see all my friends left for home these few days..
but, hey! at the bright side, i'll have the kitchen all for myself, 
not forgetting the sky tv (hope it works) and pool
"this is qama trying to comfort himself"

[visiting my cousin in Plymouth real soon...i hope...and faiz halim in Exeter]

p/s dah dapat certificate from Durham! my 1st..! hopes for more to come! =)

Monday, 15 March 2010


it has been quite some time now since i last posted something here..just an update of what happen..well just to remind much have i done and how much more to go..

management done
quantitative method done
finance done

emm..i simply like to remind myself about a talk given by safwan a 4th yr medical student on approaching Al Quran in newcastle medical school. 

how much do i know Al Quran?? after 20+ years having it around me? is it the same like i know long haffiz which ive known only for ? what? 3 years now??or ive known long better? Emm.. so this one not done yet...

lastly, a couple days ago...went to some place which needs membership to enter..and:

reception: excuse me, we'll need your ID please
me: will this do ? (showing MYkad)
reception:....emm..yes..bla bla bla...please fill this form ya

reception: ...but u dont look like an abdullah?
me: (what should i say?? not thanx u for sure..) emm..really?

so does look matters? nope..that's all outside, cz inside u know who u really a reminder to myself..altho im far from home, i will always be me..just an improved me! insyaAllah..

p/s its not a biggie anyway..i don't really care if i don't look like an abdullah or what..i just hope that people know im qama..