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Friday, 30 July 2010

NUFC vs PSV eindhoven


frankly speaking i never been to any live sporting event, i mean the big ones.. of course ive been to school or district sporting event, but never to match between countries.. to cut it short i never been to a football match! not that i dont really bother about football but living in Malaysia somehow made me; not so into watching live football at the stadium. Lucky me coming to UK has given me the opportunity to buy cheaper tickets and while im here why not go watch some football matches..the vibe and crowd should be so much better compared to back home..hehehe

so right now im feeling a bit excited about tomorrow match between Newcastle United FC and PSV eindhoven. Although its only a friendly match, the tickets were nearly sold out! i can say that Newcastle 'ians are really in love with their local team and they must be really excited about next season of EPL as NUFC will be in the premier league! Well of course i will be supporting NUFC for tomorrow match..hehehe.. although im a big fan of Liverpool.

St James's Park Stadium Newcastle Upon Tyne

 -a friend told me that football will make a city alive, so i'm looking forward for tomorrow match to see whether the claim is true or not-

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