the shopaholics

Monday, 16 August 2010


today, i was woken up by a knock on the door...' ahh biarla mesti yus' i mumbled to myself, lazily grabbed my cozy duvet covering my face..

finally after, i don't know for how long, i woke up then washed up and zuhur..again i mumbled to myself 'ahh another day, bile la nak balik uni' huhu

like always after a long holiday i will miss my place of study, not saying that i love to study, not even close to liking it( me study is a mean of living..)but life has always been much more organized there and i like that.

puasa dah 5 days in the winmer(winter+summer) Newcastle, it could be as sunny as summer but yet as chilly as winter.! and Alhamdulillah till today it went without any snitch.

this year we are fasting in the month of august.. which is kind of awkward for me..haha..well cz umur pun baru setahun i cant recalled fasting in this month..well maybe cz i never did? or i was too young to remember.. my point here is that, i keep counting days to RAYA, something that i dont really fancy even in Malaysia but i look forward too.. 

but this year i think i will have the most quiet hari raya ever! well i deserve it cz i decided to stay..planning to celebrate it in London (sounds cool huh? or not?? NOT??) HAHA..

lastly i'd like to wish all of u readers, a blessed Ramadhan, i wish that we all going to be closer to Allah this year.

p/s don't u think Ramadhan has overshadowed Bulan kemerdekaan Malaysia?? just saying..
and guys am i being to personal?? feedback please..thanks!


  1. errr not overshadowed kot.but mybe the independent day this year should not be too 'meriah' with celebration etc.nanti ada yg pengsan tgh berkawat.memang hadoilah~

  2. haha..btol soldier dah biase kot, kurg makan..and training mcm gile kn?

  3. ramadhan first, then merdeka.
    i personally think ramadahan should overshadow independence day =)