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Saturday, 19 February 2011

10 f.a.c.t.s

for the past few months, i've been receiving emails through FB and FS..(i seriously don't know how they can find me there)

firstly sorry if i didn't reply or replied really late to u, truly sorry and i appreciate every message, dear new friends!

well after considering this for a long time, i think i'm going to post some facts about myself.. well some readers might want to know who is this writer.. for those who doesn't care, i'm sorry if u happen to read this..

well here it goes...

10 F.A.C.T.S about me

1. started boarding school since i was 10, however stopped for a year when i was 12 and resumed until SPM.

2. almost died two times, 1st time when i was 10, 2nd when i was 17. 

3. had an accident when i was 7 and was hospitalized for a week.

4. had never been in a serious relationship

5. if not UK, i would most probably be in UiTM doing Pharmacy.

6. if i could turn back time i would love to do law.

7. have no older brother, wish i had one.

8. i love my friends and families

9. started blogging cz of a good friend [oh! Malaysia]

10. childhood dream was to work and live in NY


  1. kama masa kecik sangat comel. :-)
    kalo x gi UK, maybe satu hari nanti kita kerja kat hospital yg sama sbg pegawai farmasi.

  2. Kama masa kecik dengan dah besar sekarang samaaaa sangat!

  3. lau org tgok gamba tu tanpe bace post ni dah leh tahu budak laki kecik tu adelah kama..

  4. fact is absolutely hectic!

    oh,btw,muke ko time kecik ngan beso same bro!

    -amin firdaus-