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Saturday, 5 November 2011

its time to get real

salam to my blogger peeps!

it has been awhile since i posted lasttime..

life has been..hmm well u know, NORMAL...

for some of u who didnt know, i was back in KL from june till oct 2011 and it was amazing! did my summer internship with Finance Downstream @ Petronas and had one of the best raya of my life..

the internship teaches me alot of valuable working skills and not to forget ive made friends to the coolest bunch of ppls!

at the momento, i am researching for my final year thesis..ok i just want to 'luahkan ketidak puasan hati' other unis like LSE, Leeds, Warwick, Newcastle dont have thesis requirement for their undergraduates... however my uni decided, yeah we need one and if we didnt get at least 2.1 for it, goodbye honours degree.. pfff..

so thats kinda the reason why im so very quit this year.. and most probably will continue until i graduate..

oh another thing..please pray for me, going to have my interview at london with Petronas this coming easter break a.k.a april 2012!

lastly thanks alot for reading

oh yea..lupa plak..


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