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Saturday, 8 May 2010


sorry guys for the 'silence'.. as u can see in my earlier post, i'll be having my final exam this 17th been busy with studying..altho i have to say most of the time went not so productive..but at least now i am aware of many things...i was doing abit of entrepreneurship, browsing through my old notes and works, i noticed the dates..! 2009! i could not believe my 1st year will end in 2 weeks time!! gosh! time sure flies fast..! 

semalam..i got back my economics assignment..and it was so bad until aku terkedu diam seribu bahasa in the  class.. nasebla mat salleh sebelah aku tu dpt 38 ak tak dela rase soo bad.. but seriously if petronas know my marks sure kene potong allowance la..=/ 

this has made me to THINK.. emm camne nak wat economics ni? next year should i do my economics modules which gonna be like advance macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometric..?? 

or just stick with just my degree which is accounting finance..? 

next year i guess gonna be tough cz i'll be doing everythng yg new to me..mcm taxation, auditing, corporate finance...kalau drop all those econs modules..i have to do risk management and business law..if i were to do business law i'll get exemption for AC later on..

emm..i think thats enough for now..cukup2 la ak membebel ntah hape..

btw my dear friends..u guys are all so SWEET..bukan xnak balik la..cume nak experience summer..thanks tho for all those messages on FB..i am relieve to know masih ada yg nak aku balik malaysia..hehe..(statement ni sah kene attack nanti ni...=D)

after xam, i'll be sharing my experience touring around UK during my Easter vacation..

p/s all the best to all of my friends for the upcoming exams and particular zaza,aiman, faidhi, long, belle, nadira sb, sadiq, ezuan, chang, hilmi, faiz omar, faiz halim, iman, pau, bib, sonia, gwok, fandi, allan, fdhal and last but not least nabila sifyan and zaki..=p
updated (910pm)
pas baca blek entri, ak rase tak patut plak ak dedahkan markah member ak FYI my marks are lower than punyelah truk..smpai ak terkedu jap..

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