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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

i felt the same way

i miss someone so much…

last week i went to visit my late mother’s grave. it’s been more than 2 years since the last time i was there at her funeral… the graveyard looked so different, so neat and organized now. even the position of all the graves have changed.

there was no one there, and it was one hot afternoon. i was all alone standing there in the middle of the graveyard, not knowing which way to go. i could not remember where my mom’s grave was, so i just walked towards where my heart told me to. and then i came to a stop. i prayed to Allah so that He will show me the way to my mom’s grave. i was almost frustrated until when i turned my head around. there it was, my mom’s grave just behind me.

there was a cement stool next to it, so that i could sit on it comfortably. i could not hold myself. i just burst out crying. i miss her so much. no one but my God knows how much i miss my mom. there i was sitting next to her grave, now a doctor, the person she wanted me to be. and yet she is not here to cherish this moment with me.

time flies by so fast… more than 2 years have gone by. if only mama was still here, i will be the happiest person on Earth. i want to tell her so much about my stories- about everything. i just miss my mom so much…



  1. copy past kkk ko pnye kn..

    cptnye.da 2 tahun.xsdr pon. AlFatihah

  2. sabar fatihah