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Saturday, 26 June 2010

new place-n.e.w.c.a.s.t.l.e

hi guys!

so today i moved out from my college in Stockton-on-tees to Newcastle. Newcastle is about an hour away from Stockton-on-tees... i'm writing this post cz i have nothing to do and i don't have anything specific to write too, i will just write what ever comes to my mind! just now i was reading my friend's blog coretan perantau long haffiz and i came across the issue of elimination of UPSR and PMR examinations. To be honest, i don't mind if MOE wants to eliminate PMR, however i think UPSR should be maintained. I don't really know whats the situation now in Malaysia, but seriously there's something wrong now. Recently JPA and MARA announced that they will stop sending student abroad and now in order to enter SBP, students have to sit for a specific paid-exam. so this leads to one conclusion, well it simply means that our government is running low on education fund. To be honest, i personally think that education is the most essential aspect in a society.. ok ok..lets not jump into conclusion straight away..the fees might be at a very minimal that it will not burden the students or the parents..(hopefully)..anyway i am trying to see this elimination as a positive change..well we'll been using UPSR and PMR for ages now.. i think it might be good for changes to take place..

..times keep moving and life keeps changing..

...................(gosh! my post tonight sounds so serious la).................

btw Newcastle is the home to the Newcastle United FC and this club will be in the coming season of EPL
and it is the biggest city in the North East of its a change of air for me, from kg to bandar..=D  


  1. newcastle. remind me of akmal hakim

  2. Qama, letak link aku kat blog ni...biar ramai org klik..