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Sunday, 20 June 2010

u might think its the best, b.u.t

May/June is the exam season for Alevel and to my juniors i wish u all the very best and of course i hope u all make the grades..

i know right now, everytime in your Doa and solat hajat, u'll be asking for 'FLY' 
well i know cz i've been in your shoe..right now FLY seems to be the most important thing or achievement...but are we sure its the BEST for us??

some might say, i'm talking crap or bolehlah kau dah lepas...but seriously...only ALLAH knows what is best for what ever happen please be positive and just believe that its the best for order for u to know its the best for u, is by, instead of praying solely on 'i want to fly' try changing it to ' i want the best for me, and i hope its fly' 

alhamdulillah, i realized this a couple months before the exams..i realized, who are we to know or to have definite believe that what we want and think the best for us is actually the best..only GOD has the bigger picture as he knows everything. thus i changed my prayer to, 'i want the best! 

so whatever your result might be later on, u know that, it is the best for u so with that u can walk through with confidence and as long as u have tried your best and sincerely doa, then  trust me the result u get is the best for u.

and in life we always want the best..!

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