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Saturday, 29 January 2011

after awhile

a month flies just like that..! and i am still hopeless in many of my modules

however, there is one thing that i have to admit made my day..those people who visit my is just a good feeling, when u see that at least there is still someone who drops by this electronic voice of mine. for that i am so grateful! 


i have to admit that i am kind of busy with assignments and tutorials and as much as i want to write more on here, i just cant seem to find any good topic to write about.. i am actually kind of bored writing about my boring life..

well how interesting it can be a life of a student, well i believe many of u all will have the same routine as i dont really see the point of sharing those thoughts.. 

hmm.. i think i am going to far on this babble and i should stop any minute now..

lastly what do u guys have in mind? about the coming CNY? how might u celebrate it? feel free to share..would love to read it..

till then..takecare peeps!!

1 comment:

  1. hahaha...ur life is not boring k! it's interesting to us.
    i'd rather celebrate it in my house, it's cold.