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Saturday, 1 January 2011

hello 2011

some might assume i am writing here tonight to tell everyone what are my resolutions, 'azam baru' what ever u called it, but i am not.. i hope i didnt break anybody's expectation...

for fact i never had any 'azam baru' because i am bad at keeping promise to myself.. (but not to another person of course! i'll try my best to keep it..inshaAllah)


the main reason i didn't want to make any new year's resolution  because there are too much to do and i just don't want to focus on any particular one, i like to grab any possible things i can along the way, cz life is a mystery and u can't really plan ur life cz u don't even know how long u'll live and to me no expectation means no hurt feeling..

some might say "grow up" or "you need a resolution as it will be a plan to work your life"

yes yes i know...

but i like to believe and strongly believe Allah has EVERYTHING planned for me..just go with the flow and i will try my best to follow his pure religion (well this might sound like an 'azam' but i like to called it my obligation...not something i can renew every new year..haha

enough said, i might sound ridiculous now.. well this is purely on my dry thought and who am i don't take my word or be angry..
and lastly i really like to Thank Allah for the loves and mercies He gave on me throughout these years..and actually with His will i can enter 2011...

seronok dapat skype dengan member2 semua walaupun jauh..thanks skype beta 5.0


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  2. hepi new year kama...all da best for 2011...^^

  3. ,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
    Selamat Tahun Baru Dengan Azam Baru

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