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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

club and society

all this while, we will always somehow want to involve with society,club, etc...well cikgu dlu ckp..senang sket nak masuk uni..better CV'S and stuff..yes one moment it can be as for me, i did join several, but today i feel like sharing about one of the club i join, silap2 the club 'we' form:

 the c.l.u.b

i don't know how to start..



these 3 people will always be somebody important to me..
even though i have my best friends..but i realize that they are different and 'special'

they are more like my very own family while in KTJ.

WE ARE NOT CLASSMATES, ..but we understand each other well, well enough as we did our laundry together, became wacky and crazy everytime, eat mamak/mcD/KFC/dunkin donut/J.CO/sate kajang take aways together, those house trips, those lies to 'bapak' to escape house events, those fights, mandi pn same 2...hehe..

well its normal to have c.o.n.f.l.i.c.t.s along the way but that's what housemates do anyway...=)
and we live together, do all kind of stuffs together and share almost everything... 

i M.I.S.S those time:
subuh in my room
faidhi's foods all over my room
sadiq and aiman singing/crazy dances
faidhi making 'stupid' faces
teman aiman dating kat library..=p
those megi time in pantry..
those time 'cam-whoring' together =D
mid valley moments..and kajang!!
faidhi's BIG'ish botol air!
and of coz mengate sesame sendiri..xD 

i'm sure sadiq and aiman miss those ping-pong never ending matches..
I'm missing those volleyball and squash games!! 

and i can't believe i'm saying this, but i miss to be annoyed by u guys!! xx

trust me they are the B.E.S.T housemates u can ever ask for, well at least for me..
truly my KTJ' life couldn't been better without 'em!

THANK YOU SO MUCH.....t.h.e c.l.u.b...... FOR THE MEMORIES


p/s: we may go separate ways but we know from where we started..look back and u'll always find your way guys look back...redang some time soon?? in other word 'REUNION' !!

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  1. buat entry utk shah pekan plak kama..
    5 jasa 06. hehe..