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Tuesday, 24 November 2009


14NOV 2009

GLASGOW, big ish city with lots of shops and obviously better than stockton..hehe..i didn't had much time to really explore Glasgow, maybe in Dec during winter break!







well..after a day in Glasgow its time to say gudbye and head down to Edinburgh

15 NOV 2009

em..what can i say about Edinburgh is i like the city..the architecture, city planning, castles, and in Edinburgh for the 1st time in UK i prayed in an actual mosque! GREAT! the mosque was built by his majesty king Fahd, king of Saudi Arabia.

windy, cool and scenic were some best words to describe Scotland =p

the mosque

Edinburgh castle

main gate

inside the castle
inside the castle


the wind was too strong can't open my eyes



university of Edinburgh


the view of Edinburgh


at the monument

i hope this will not be the last of my UK trip..
Glasgow+Edinburgh was a worth-going weekend trip even though i had to burn my ticket to London  =D 


  1. jelesnya aku ngan ko kama.. seriously.
    aku nak g UK, scotland gak...

  2. ko da bnyk kot jalan kat aussie...ak jeles uk sume same..bgnunan buruk2 lame2...ak ske modern

  3. hi kama :)
    aku tak taw ko ada blog.
    bila masa ko gi edinburgh ni?
    macam best jer kan :)
    tulis lebih banyak lagi. aku suka baca :)
    take care~