the shopaholics

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


EH 1 
eh? baru 2 bulan kat UK?? I don't feel like 2 months it seemed ages!!...  
-da lame xcall home kot?-

EH 2
random people1: hey, so u are in stockton? are u doing medicine?
random people2,3 and so on...: so what are u doing? medicine?
qama: eh..nope..i'm 1st year accounting finance student!
qama (monologue): eh? muke ak muke doc ke?       
-gosh i look nerd..=/-

EH 3
eh? the 1st semester in Durham is ending in 2 weeks??!!
cepatnye!! i don't understand management at all!!damn it!
-no wonder i am so 'damn' unorganized..-

 EH 4
eh? what am i doing?? i still have 2 assignments to finish ..!!
-i hope i'll finish it in time-

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