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Monday, 28 December 2009



u know what?the other 10.00pm while trying very hard to finish-up my economics assignment, i came across reading 'kinked demand curve' and  i felt s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g 'missing' in me...uhh life changed now..

i said to myself "kan bgus ade bib, notes die lawa xpayah susah2 bace buku tebal ni...kalau ade long bole trus je tanye n trus dpt jawapan" this is a sign of l.a.z.y.n.e.s.s which is bad.!

mulela minda teralih focus...being dragged all the way back to my KTJ life...

my best friend while in KTJ..i can still remember vividly this one evening we were jogging and were in lower sixth.

long:kama kalau jd prefect senangla nak masuk LSE.
qama:yeke? ala kalau ko jd head of librarian confirm ko dpt LSE gk.
long:ak takkan lah jadi head librarian?
qama:trust me ko akan jd head librarian and dpt LSE.
end-up in upper sixth long became the head librarian and guess what he is in LSE now!
*trust me

long merupakan tempat aku 'membebel' 'mengeluh' 'mengarut' mcm2la..he is very helpful in so many ways..and will do almost everything for her Asliza..sweet guy..hehe 
i still remember that time when he offered himself to go all the way to KL@CM by himself to get some stuff for our cultural nite which was on that same day at night..despite the jarak (2 hours to go, so 4 hours in total to return back) and it was Saturday after class! gile sacrifice lah!

i have always always wanted to be organized like him, but..emm..i'll try again some days soon..long=long (can't find somebody like him yet)

hahaha...i will always wanted to laugh when i recalled about how i met sadiq...i still remember 1st day arriving at UTP, i saw few kelantanese lepak'ing by the road, just near to where the taxi dropped off me, amir and sheikh. 
sheikh: abg tau x kat mane penginapan tok interview petronas?
kelantanese boys: em kami pn dtg untuk edukem, tp kat sana kot..

sadiq was one of them and has this very significant look, maybe his hair..hehe

then he turn-out to be my roomate in KTJ!! haha..what a small world, and i found out that i was supposed to go to the same MRSM with him in form 1...hehe..-kalau dah 'jodoh' xkemane-
well basically u guys can read it in my older post (club and society)..hehehe 
anyways with sadiq around 'tak kering gusi..' sadiq=multi-talented performer

1st impression was 'alim siot mamat ni' hehe..but turn out to be memang alim..hehe..but boys will always be boys..gamers+nakal+gile2+badminton+lari2=faiz omar but he knows his limit. one fact about faiz, he has never been to a me its wow! one things that i miss most about him is that he's my best bowling buddy..faiz=tupai,mony** (faiz jgn marah tau)
qama:ko nak tau 1 rahsie?
faiz:rahsie ape plak ko ni?
qama:adela.nak tau x??ikot jela ak...
faiz:wooo..rambutan ke??bnyk nye kat blum masak lg..

my hangout buddy in KL..never fails to accompany me in KL..just say the place he'll be there, provided u bring a girl..hehe..just kidding but if u have girl, he'll reach 15 minutes earlierla..haha..before coming to UK i spent one week in his house and he and long helped me with all those pre-'fly' thingy..thanks guys...zaki=nabila

i dont know why, to me i feel bib is more motherly type of person..hehehe..i really miss those moment in class..if i didnt have time to complete my notes i can just simply say 'bib pasni nak pinjam nota' and bib says 'yela kam, tp nota ak serabut sket takut ko xpaham' which was totally not true as her notes never were serabut..

and bib will always asked whether i'm ok ke x ok...a concern friend.. bib=coklat coco (actually i forgot the name but i remember the shape of it!)

1st impression was, 'mcm sombong je minah ni'
however 'don't make assumptions' this sentence will be glued to my brain till i nyanyok was from sonia..
that sentence was given to me while we were in lower was due to some Petronas society problems..haha..and damn i was scared of her at that time..haha..cuakla, sonia ni mane reti marah org, so when she's angry cuakla cz xpenah tgk...hehe..
Sonia i can describe as a very kindhearted person
qama:son, pe tu ha..price elasticity is ......

sonia:kama,kama tak nampak ke? meh sini buku...
and she will help me to copy the notes from whiteboard..
now?? stop dreaming..grow up qama! hehe

shopping buddy!! hafi is one of those people u can laugh or cry together..but worries me the most! rebellious, but it help me to understand more about friendship and people..hafi was my geng bawah tangga and of course shahrul too..kawan gossip gk..hehe...
short-form: release tension buddy!! 
good at cooking and really wants to be an actor..i wish u all the luck and wish u the very best..he once actually got a part in 'gol and gincu' but he didnt go..cant quite remember why..sorry hafi..sincerely hafi=genius!!
people:qama bla2...qama #@%&*?@#, qama itula inilah
hafi:wei,dah2le tu..korg ni, kesian kama tau..

a great friend! ak admire hilmi, consistently hardworking!! a good leader! ketua BTN kot!
and most of all my math sifu..long ko pn tp hilmi ajar tak marah2..hehe...
hilmi mengajar dgn penuh kasih significant thing about hilmi to me is 'aeroplane', every time i looked at aeroplanes i will remember him..actually hilmi's notes were way 'lawa' than bib (sorry bib, jgn marah ak..) but since we were not doing the same subjects apart from math i could not possible borrow it..useless la bib nye the most 'lawa' for my subjects la...hilmi=aeroplane

pao a small girl with big actions!! altho she's small but her presences can be a huge impact to people tau..i can say that pao is full of surprises..hyper gk kadg2 which is good..kawan yg always get u thru and motivate u..i will always remember that 'counseling' session with u in the library..thanks pao.. and pao=madam kwan's this pop's out from my mind straight away.

azrul ni mcm adik ak..haha..altho he is older than me by a month..azrul is very good in economics..i always admire him for having the interest to read those thick 'boring-look' dusty old books in the library..committed with his ideology..  but i'm not saying I'm supporting ur ideology ye azrul..hehe..seeing azrul is like seeing a YB..azrul ni softhearted please be careful with him..kawan yg setia!

the 1st day i saw this girl, straight away i can tell, mcm doctor je...i can still remember seeing nadira for the 1st time in the sixth form library with shahir mahfudz
qama:woo..rajin gile minah ni.pagi2 da bukak buku kat library ni(if u've been to sixth form library no one really study there)
shahir:tula nadira, die dalam kelas GP ak..

religious girl..kind and caring too..i was jealous of her English actually..hehe..she can speaks fluent English! nadira=kinokuniya and dont ask me why, cz i don't know..

1st impression was 'garangnye dak ni'..but ezuan actually is a very nice and warm guy..quiet guy but once u know him well, he can't shut up ..hahahaha...i like watching movies with him...
still remember we had back-to-back movie in KLCC..haha..supposedly we went to KLCC to study at the library but we end-up in the cinema..

ezuan:jom ah tgk friday the 13th
qama:best ke??okla ur choice,tp ak cam nak tgk race to witch mountain,pao kate best..
ezuan:tu kan disney?

last2 it was a 'not-worth-going' movie, friday the 13th...ezuan ur choice...bad taste..hahaha! 


a true kajang'ian...hehe..i still wonder until now how shahrul can consistently plays very well in bowling. what i meant was, if he starts off well in a game he can maintain it persistently...gaya balingan pn maintain...but when those 'rainy' days came, hampeh gkla performance dia.hahaha...a thing i can't forget about him is that time he danced for KTJ speech day..OMG it was so good..he can really indian dance!! hehe...shahrul=metrosexual

at first dlu i felt so hard to differentiate him with zaki..they look so alike,like twins..but as time goes by, faiz halim is faiz halim.memang kaki shopping la mamat ni..hehe..

emm..i guess now i need to stop flashing back on my KTJ life and start moving the past that i had i will never ever want to replace it with anything...because bak kata Durham University; shaped by the past, creating the future! thanks guys not only those in this post but to every single people that i know..cheers!!


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