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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

did you mean: amir 5jasa

one coldd and quiet night,while i was busy googling to find 'info' for my management assignment; it was about how manager can become systematic, so i figured that it would be much better if i understand the meaning of systematic and i came across this...!!

did you mean: amir 5jasa

eh? my best buddy?? even google knows he's so systematic?? =D

this has bring me about to remember that i had nothing on my blog about him..(gosh!!kate je best buddy)
ok, screw management then, it's amir time!! hehe

i start knowing amir since form one sebenarnye, but we start to be close while in form 4..i will always find it amusing  when trying to recall those time in 4 jasa and 5 jasa. amir used to be so systematic...!! systematic with almost everything!! u named it...his books have this significant look which u can know it his! his table (full with formulas, inspirational words) , his locker, his room, OMG everything! even going to canteen, need to walk fast..mcm form 1..haha..kadang2 penat tgk amir ni..hehehe
one thing that ak admire so much about him is that he has a very strong determination to get what he wants and will work for it!! (he even deactivate facebook for his 1st year final exam!!) wallaweh kn?? ha! he even create SHAH pekan new baju batik (2005)!! bangga siott jadi kawan pereka fesyen..!! hahaha

according to my learning on management module in Durham University Business School, Amir is a very good example of a successful manager! on second thought? Is he doing the right degree (Bsc pharmacy)??...hehe.. 
emm..i guess it should be right..kalau tak xdela die kat australia now..kan?
if i want to tell everything here..i don't think it gonna fit so..hehe

a bit about amir:

a son of said bin ali and fatimah bt abdullah
a brother of aniza said, azrie said and ...........(alamak tak ingat la)
a friend of pupil from sk pagar besi, sk maras, sk panching timur, SHAH pekan. INTEC and UNISA
and my best friend.

mohamad amirrudin said

p/s amir is only counting days to come back home! 
~may ur flight on the 6 of Dec 2009 reaches Malaysia safely..amin~


  1. Kama. terharunya aku. hehe.
    Thanks a lot!
    tp mcm kelakar je psl google search tu.
    aku taip tak dpt pun benda tu. haha.
    btw, gud luck kama in Durham !!!
    nti jumpa lagi kt ke, aussie ke.. xpun kt msia.

  2. Amir memang sangat sistematik dan sangat rajin... Tapi poyo sket la.. hehe... SOrry Am...
    Tapi idea page 'google' tue sangat menarik...

  3. sgt comel okayyy!!
    likes the post very much.

  4. thanks tkuk n amir...ak rse x bape best la post ni..ak ingat nak wat cam on second thought ak nak wat cam cam xjadi..hahaha

  5. btw tkuk??pesal blog ko lame menyepi??ak da bosan ni..balek2 blog amir je..nak bace blog ko gak..hehehehe

  6. kama. kelaka la komen ko. tumblr mcm blogger jugak. more kpd picture kot.

  7. Effa Syuhadha Hamzah is in a relationship with Mohamad Amirrudin Said.
    9 hours ago · Comment · Like

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  8. ohh ohh yang tu ke berita hangatnya.
    hangat hangat hangat.