the shopaholics

Thursday, 25 March 2010

easter plans!

6th april-8th april
(visiting zaki, long, chiehlung, joanna, tienhuey and miaoshan)

12th april-14th april
(visiting faiz, izzudin and nesha)

14th-16th april
(visiting my cousin, haziq and khairul)

i don't think these plans are excessive..not too long, not too short but just nice.right? so can i call it a 'UK trip'? hehe.. i think 'england trip' suits better..since im not going to wales and scotland..=p

so i hope this 'england trip'
 will go smoothly and will enjoy every moment of it!

[break ends on the 25th of april, which means less than a month to go b4 final!!!!]


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