the shopaholics

Saturday, 20 March 2010

whats the plan huh?

"Durham Univ epiphany term ends today"

is this really true??!
cewah qama, trying to be innocent...
haha..well speaking about holidays, i will never forget..its like impossible for me too just say
'OMG its holiday already, someone wake me up'

instead i will be waking that someone up..!

but whats the plan?
beats me.! darn i have non..'this is not ur usual' -quoted from a friend
usually before every holidays start i will already have atleast A plan
what i meant by plan is like booked ticket to go somewhere,decided dates and all
but, now im still clueless.. em cant even decide a date...

and its pretty sad to see all my friends left for home these few days..
but, hey! at the bright side, i'll have the kitchen all for myself, 
not forgetting the sky tv (hope it works) and pool
"this is qama trying to comfort himself"

[visiting my cousin in Plymouth real soon...i hope...and faiz halim in Exeter]

p/s dah dapat certificate from Durham! my 1st..! hopes for more to come! =)


  1. hehehe..ade some employability course i did in collaboration with mc kinzie and pwc