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Monday, 15 March 2010


it has been quite some time now since i last posted something here..just an update of what happen..well just to remind much have i done and how much more to go..

management done
quantitative method done
finance done

emm..i simply like to remind myself about a talk given by safwan a 4th yr medical student on approaching Al Quran in newcastle medical school. 

how much do i know Al Quran?? after 20+ years having it around me? is it the same like i know long haffiz which ive known only for ? what? 3 years now??or ive known long better? Emm.. so this one not done yet...

lastly, a couple days ago...went to some place which needs membership to enter..and:

reception: excuse me, we'll need your ID please
me: will this do ? (showing MYkad)
reception:....emm..yes..bla bla bla...please fill this form ya

reception: ...but u dont look like an abdullah?
me: (what should i say?? not thanx u for sure..) emm..really?

so does look matters? nope..that's all outside, cz inside u know who u really a reminder to myself..altho im far from home, i will always be me..just an improved me! insyaAllah..

p/s its not a biggie anyway..i don't really care if i don't look like an abdullah or what..i just hope that people know im qama..

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